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Workshop / ワークショップ
"Vessel Gospel Choir"
On 2nd Saturday 10:00-12:00am and 4th Friday 19:00-21:00 @Akasaka Church
 If you're interested in joining, Please contact me through Contact Page.

 第2土曜日10:00~12:00 / 第4金曜日19:00~21:00 @赤坂教会




Service / 礼拝
 Every 2nd Sunday in the month @Akasaka Church, Tokyo
 This will be held in a service and everyone is welcome to attend freely (free of charge).
​ 毎月第2日曜日

*Pls check Event Schedule for event and one-time workshop
​※イベント・単発ワークショップについては、Event Scheduleをご覧下さい。

​Photo by Kazuya Yamashita
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